Relapse Prevention Program


Relapse Prevention (Land Based) Program

Introduced in 2017 with the help and support of the board of management, staff and the spiritual advisor.

This program is designed to be a little more intense than the regular in-patient program.

The participants applying for this program have maintained sobriety and would like a refresher course that is a little bit more structured. Clients also can attend this program if they are having a hard time maintaining their sobriety or are in danger of relapsing.

The schedule for the program is first and last week they are in class getting tools to help them maintain their sobriety.

The second week they are completely engulfed in their culture, whether it be through medicine picking, survival skills, storytelling, making luski in the sand and spending time in the outdoors.

We have been fortunate to have our present spiritual advisor, George Paul (Elder) to conduct the Land-Based program during that week. He is assisted by our community NNADAP worker Audie Patles who also conducts sweats for our clients when need be. And the staff.

Clients will spend the days out on the land at a selected site. Then they would return to the centre for supper and for the evening. Not only will they learn about who they are but be able to construct with their own hands, structures from items you would find in the woods, just like our ancestors did.

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