ORT (Opioid Replacement Treatment) Program


ORT (Opioid Replacement Treatment Program)

For those of you that wouldn’t know what this is, it’s a program specifically designed for clients on methadone and suboxone only. (we get this question a lot)

Person that come to this program, which is operational two – three times per year, have to meet certain criteria to be admitted.

  1. They have to be on a dose of no higher than 100mg (we have and understanding that the dose over 100mg will tend to have the client doing the “NOD” which would affect program. Also Clients tend to be a little irritated.
  2. Have to be stable on that dose 4 months prior to program, and can no go up or down in dose while in this program.
  3. Be willing to take a drug screen upon admission.
  4. And we hope that most clients feel that they need to come off or reduce their dose after program is complete.
  5. Not be abusing other drugs prior to admission (need to be detoxed of all other mood-altering meds prior to admission) but remain on the suboxone or methadone is below 100 mg.

This program has replaced our PDM Day Program and has been introduced in the past few years, the need was requested so we have designed and implemented this program based on this need. We are the only First Nation Treatment centre that has a program designed specifically for persons on methadone and suboxone.

Should you have any questions or need help navigating through the program contact myself or the staff here at the centre. This process is slightly different in the referral process cause then medical has to be utilizing the Clients doctor & pharmacy and our Off-site Doctor and Pharmacy.

Things like bridge prescriptions need to made and that is a communication has to happen between the proper professionals. Please note – this program the clients will stay at the centre the entire time usually about 4 weeks. Leaving early or on weekend pass would cause issues regarding their dispensing could put them at risk.

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